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Eva’s world is buried in secrets. No one talks about the Surface – the mysterious world above. But after Eva follows a dead man into the crypts, she finds more than a body. She finds the truth. The Surface isn’t a place of blue skies and star-lit nights like she always imagined. It’s a place of destruction and death. In her city, she is safe. But as more lies entangle her and as the people she loves begin slipping away, she discovers that life inside her city might be more dangerous than what lies above it.


Eli’s world is stained in blood. Traitors of a 40-year-long war are sent to a distant, frozen planet to die. Eli’s mother was one of the condemned. To avenge her death, he enlists in the Regime that killed her, vowing to destroy them from the inside. If he is discovered, his family will pay for it with their lives. But when he is tasked with punishing the very defiance he stands for, he must decide if avenging his mother is worth the blood on his hands.


When their worlds collide, Eva and Eli discover that they are both caught in the same trap. All they want is to save their families and escape their prisons.


But freedom is never free.

Signed Copies

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  • Signed paperbacks and hardbacks

  • Signed art prints

  • Bookmarks

  • Bundles

Special Edition

Unlike the paperback and ebook, the hardcover edition has a naked cover underneath the dust jacket with exclusive designs on both the front and back. This edition also has exclusive extras in the back of the book, including annotated scenes and a look at how the story changed over time.

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