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Caitlin Lambert is an author of young adult sci-fi and fantasy. Growing up, she considered being a concert pianist, a nurse, and an astrophysicist, before she finally found her passion in education. She tried every extracurricular activity under the sun, but one thing was always constant... her writing. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she can be found teaching, reading, and adding endless destinations to her travel bucket list. Or quite possibly eating dark chocolate.

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  • Is What Lies Above the first book in a series, or a standalone?"
    What Lies Above is the first book in a trilogy. Book 2 does not yet have an official title or release date.
  • Can I get a signed copy of What Lies Above?
    Yes! I have signed paperbacks in my store and signed hardbacks during limited times throughout the year. I also have signed art prints and handpainted pages from my original author copy.
  • What is included in the special edition hardcover of What Lies Above?
    Each edition of What Lies Above is different. The paperback and ebook versions have the same material, but the paperback is a physical copy. The hardcover, however, is a special edition, and contains art on the naked hardcover, plus bonus material at the back, including annotated scenes, sneak-peeks at how the story changed over time, and character art.
  • Are you traditionally published or indie published?
    I pursued traditional publishing for almost a decade. However, I decided to self-publish my debut What Lies Above (which released on May 22, 2021) for many reasons, which I discuss on my YouTube channel. Indie publishing is a completely viable and successful publishing method, especially for those authors like me who want creative control and/or have skill sets they want to use (graphic design, marketing, etc.).
  • Will you read / look at / help me with my book?
    As flattered as I always am when I get questions like this, I simply cannot look at unsolicited work. I have critique partners and author friends whose work I look at, and under very special circumstances, I may look at a friend's outline or query. However, I do provide lots of tips and resources for writers on my Instagram, as well as tips from previous years archived on my YouTube channel and blog.
  • Will you send me a free copy in exchange for a review?
    The only time I send free copies in exchange for reviews is when Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) go out before release, and when I have an established relationship with a blogger/reviewer and choose to send them my work in exchange for a review. I receive dozens of requests through DMs and emails for free copies of my book. While reviews are extremely important, being an author is a career, and therefore, authors deserve to be compensated for their work. There are free ways to legally access my book, though, such as the library! If your library does not carry What Lies Above, you can request it. Also, the ebook is $3.99, which is more affordable than physical copies!
  • How did you design your book cover?
    I designed my own book cover (as well as the character art found on the Extras page). I have a skill set in graphic design which has allowed me to design my own website, cover, and marketing materials. It is absolutely possible to design your own cover using Photoshop or comparable software. However, I would argue that your book cover is one of your most important components in selling books, and there are a lot of technical things involved (RGB vs. CMYK, printing resolution, dpi, etc.) I taught myself how to navigate all these components, and there are lots of videos and resources to help you (including tutorials I have done on my YouTube channel). However, if you do not feel confident, there are many freelance cover designers who you can hire to do it for you! Your cover is the first impression a reader will get of your book, so you want to invest in it (either your own time to learn, or your money to hire).
  • Can I write to you?
    Yes! My P.O. box is: Caitlin Lambert P.O. Box 119 Dillsboro, NC, 28725
  • What is the number one piece of writing advice you would give?
    The same exact book can receive a 1-star review and a 5-star review. The book didn't change. People's opinions did. You will never write a book that receives 100% praise. There will never be a book that appeals to every reader. However, for me, I know that my story will find its audience, and if even one reader is touched by my story, or if even one reader falls in love with my book, I will consider that a success. Every author wants to sell books... it's an income, and for some writers, their sole income. But some of the books that changed my life are ones that never hit the NYT bestseller list, never won awards, and never became franchises. Yet, to me, they were important. Write for yourself first, and then write for those readers who will fall in love with your story in that way. Do not allow criticism to discourage or stop you. And finally, here's a quote that always strikes me... "If you live off people's compliments, you'll die from their criticism." If your love for your story is only rooted in people's feedback, you will be tossed all over the place as opinions change. Instead, root yourself in something deeper -- your love for your story. As J.R.R. Tolkien said, "deep roots are not touched by the frost." For more writing advice, check out my Instagram and YouTube channel.
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