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Each page is taken from my original author copy of What Lies Above, making each one completely unique. The page border is hand-painted by me, and the quote is hand-lettered. The quote can be chosen from the following selection (or another quote from the book can be used if you have a favorite):


  1. "There is hope in the brokenness. There is light, in and after the darkness."
  2. "These stars make me ache. They remind me of all I've lost."
  3. "One family. Not family I was born to, but family I chose."
  4. "There is strength and weakness, hope and despair, faith and fear. All fighting for their place inside me."
  5. "Though the night is dark, soon shall come the sun."
  6. "I guess you can be soft and still strong, afraid and still brave."
  7. "If family was measured by heart, we are sisters."


**U.S. shipping included


**Each page is custom and will take several weeks to arrive after the order has been placed.

Custom Handpainted Page from Original Author Copy

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